ACODE Online

Simple workflows, easy change process, informative reporting

ACODE Online is a cloud based quality management tool enabling universities to audit their open distance e-Learning courses against the ACODE (Australasian Council on Open, Distance and E-learning) Benchmarks.

The ACODE Benchmarks are designed for continuous improvement and quality assurance of e-Learning, an emerging area that is mission critical for many universities. The benchmarks focus on research for improving practice, resulting in a better understanding of operational systems and processes, contributing to accountability requirements.

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Key Features

  • Self-assess against the 8 ACODE Benchmarks using the 5 point scale
  • Record evidence of compliance
  • Receive recommended strategies for progression
  • Monitor status of non-compliant performance indicators
  • Report individual benchmarks for a faculty/school
  • Report aggregated benchmarks across all faculties/schools


  • Anywhere, anytime access to real time data and reports
  • Standardised ACODE benchmarking process for universities
  • Full retention of information by universities
  • Simplified administration of ACODE benchmarking
  • Continuous improvement activities for teaching and learning
  • Informative reporting against the ACODE Benchmarks.

ACODE Online covers the eight individual benchmark topic areas

Benchmark 1
Institution policy and governance for technology supported learning and teaching.
Benchmark 2
Planning for, and quality improvement of, the integration of technologies for learning & teaching.
Benchmark 3
Information technology infrastructure to support learning and teaching.

Benchmark 4
Pedagogical application of information and communication technology.

Benchmark 5
Professional/staff development for the effective use of technologies for learning and teaching.
Benchmark 6
Staff support for the use of technologies for learning and teaching.

Benchmark 7
Student training for the effective use of technologies for learning.

Benchmark 8
Student support for the use of technologies for learning.