TT Partners has developed a unique consulting framework to assist education businesses with achieving a technology rich and sustainable eLearning environment that produces the desired teaching and learning outcomes.

The consultancy helps leaders and educationalists to realise the vision, goals, capabilities and professional learning requirements of their organisation.

Benefits include personalised eLearning goals, successful integration of ICT, professional learning programs and defined eLearning roles and responsibilities.

The process


Surveys are completed by a representation of staff, students and parents to establish a baseline position
Based upon the survey responses, a targeted interview process is undertaken to define goals and needs
A clear and concise plan to help identify the steps necessary to achieve the eLearning goals

The outcome

A comprehensive plan comprising of a roadmap that priorities all recommendations with associated budget and resource estimates.

The plan aims to:

  • Save money by executing activities in the right order, at the right time, with the right resources
  • Empower leadership and ownership by understanding the current position and planning for future growth
  • Create one master plan for the whole organsiation
  • Foster change through a managed process
  • Encourage collaboration and communication between all team members