ICT Benchmarking

ICT is fast becoming an unknown and high risk entity in relation to effort, outcomes and cost

TT Partners is Australia’s largest provider of independent ICT auditing services to schools and has developed an efficient and cost effective ICT Benchmarking service to assess a school’s entire ICT infrastructure environment utilising their award-winning ARMS® quality system.

Increased demands on ICT means that processes, skills and systems used to manage ICT only a short time ago are no longer effective. ICT is fast becoming an unknown and high risk entity in relation to effort, outcomes and cost.

Areas assessed include

  • WAN
  • LAN
  • Client
  • Server
  • Security

icon-benchmarking-brochureLearn about the essential tools for managing your ICT from a business perspective.

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Our ICT Benchmarking service assists school leaders and ICT managers with simplifying the management of the school’s ICT and delivering achievable outcomes. From the smallest primary school to the largest multi-campus secondary school and University campuses, we can help your school achieve:

  • Lower support costs
  • A manageable and sustainable ICT spend
  • Identify areas requiring improvement
  • A clearer understanding of how much it will cost to rectify deficiencies
  • Increased student, staff and leadership satisfaction
  • Reduced outages and increased uptime
  • Facilitate effective communication between the leadership team & ICT support

School improvement at a glance!

Longitudinal data that is gathered and built progressively is displayed visually to enable quick and easy comparative analysis of current results against previous results.

You can’t manage your ICT if you don’t know its current status and don’t have access to the correct tools and skills to improve. Our ICT Benchmarking service has a proven track record of:

  • Reducing the average cost of technical support to rectify outstanding technical issues by 50%
  • Increasing principal satisfaction in ICT by 70%
  • Improving the average score for ICT infrastructure proficiency in schools by 76%
Benchmarking Graphic