ICT Operational Plan

What is an ICT Operational Plan?

It is a documented blue print (or “how to” manual) to achieve an organisation’s ICT strategic goals. It is used by the leadership teams to delegate tasks, track progress and manage budget associated to strategic change.

In many cases, the reason why an organisation’s ICT strategic goals are not achieved is due to the absence of an ICT Operational Plan.

An ICT Operational Plan is an essential management tool and has proven to minimise risk, reduce cost and increase the success factor of achieving ICT strategic goals.

Key components of an ICT Operational Plan include:

  • Consultancy – Gain an understanding of strategic vision and goals
  • Benchmarking – Determine current status of ICT
  • Road map – Identify tasks in priority order with associated time, effort, resource and budget estimates
  • Detailed tasks – Detailed next steps
  • Hardware and software – Itemised hardware and software and budget estimates
  • Diagrams – ICT infrastructure diagrams providing a graphical representation of the ICT Operational Plan
  • Supporting information