ICT Strategy

TT Partners has a long and successful history of being engaged to develop ICT Strategy that is not only achievable, but most importantly assists our clients with meeting their strategic goals and budget.

From Federal to State Government departments, individual schools, Universities and hospitals, nationally and internationally, TT Partners has a proven track record and solid methodology for delivering high quality ICT strategies.

The process

  • Review current environment
  • Identify business drivers
  • Gather business requirements
  • Conduct environmental scan
  • Identify strategic objectives
  • Define strategy
  • Develop an achievable implementation plan


The benefits

  • Aligns technology with your business goals
  • Enables ICT systems to be fully integrated across the entire organisation
  • Fully considers the needs of all staff/customers
  • Builds a relationship between the ICT department and all business areas which secures commitment to the strategy
  • Fully engages all key stakeholders throughout the development and implementation of each strategic objective